Integrating Nutrition and Mindfulness 

You will learn the basics of nutrition and the body’s physiology. By learning a mindful approach to eating and incorporating what nourishes you inside and out, you will finally be able to make lasting changes. 

The importance of good foods, exercise and stress management, is integral and putting it into action each week is key. You will learn the basics of nutrients and physiology, the importance of exercise and mindful eating techniques. But more importantly we will meet weekly to discuss your lifestyle and activities.  We begin building a step-by- step plan integrating healthy foods, setting goals and tracking your progress. This is an interactive program and much like everything in life, what you put into it will be what you get out of it.

When you pay close attention and do the work, your life will change and you will notice a difference in everything.

"It can be easy to forget that mindfulness is a quality of being, not a piece of merchandise, and the only way to get there is through practice."

Ronie’s style and insight are ideal for initiating and maintaining an individualized program that creates a lifestyle where you are able to live, work and function at your absolute best.
— Jenn Franz, Certified Product Manager, Denver CO

I have so much to say. Working with Ronie remains significant for me, I learned so much.
— Mark Iberg, Professional Musician and Founder Rebus Cornpone Rock Band, Austin TX