Customizable App


You will be able to create a personal journal to share photos and track your meals, workouts and goals on your phone and desktop with your own Healthie HIPAA-compliant app from food can work. It has video chat and document sharing to stay in touch whenever questions come up. It is a way for you to store your information in one place for easy reference when in the kitchen, at the store or before mealtime. Track your workouts and daily goals all in one place!

food can work
Whether you are looking to simply eat better, to learn how to easily manage your weight, or if you have been struggling with weight loss, stress or low energy for a while this food can work program will help you.

Personal Training will develop your balance and strength through a personalized plan in order to prepare your body for success as you reach your goals for fitness. 

Mindfulness Meditation
Basic techniques for awareness  provides anyone interested in different aspects of mindfulness or learning what meditation is and the effectiveness for stress management, getting more in touch with your body, and the body mind connection for better health and performance.

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I look forward to joining you on this journey!