What is Healthy Eating?

Have you ever wanted to start eating better and didn't know where to start? What's the deal with gluten-free and the caveman diet? And do we really have to run endless miles on the treadmill in order to get in shape, or starve ourselves for weight loss? Nourishing our bodies is a daily journey.

Our Body!

How we eat directly affects how we feel physically and mentally. Our appetite is many times disrupted by the lifestyle choices we make and learning to practice a mindful approach to eating helps us create a connection with our foods, physical and psychological environmental cues that often affect our food decisions.

Learning the basics of a healthy eating lifestyle, you are able to figure out how you can start getting more energy from foods throughout the day. (Without having to reach for more coffee or snacks that really just make you feel worse later on!)

  • Do you ever feel hungry, though you just ate?
  • How often are you eating on the run, rushing to eat or eating in front of your phone or computer?
  • Is stress or anxiety wipe you out, or cause you lack of sleep or preventing you from exercise? 

Creating better habits by practicing a mindful approach to food, meals, digestion, sleep and stress management allows you to experience how nourishment, foods and physiology are intertwined. 

Join me to discover how food can work.

I used Ronie as my health coach for two years. I can’t say enough positive things about how she helped me physically and emotionally. She coached me in what foods to eat to help my body heal and guided me in new life style changes to bring about new direction and new attitudes. I will always be grateful to Ronie for helping me get on the right track.
— Myra Edwards, Retired Teacher, Shelbyville TN